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  • Neenl

    July 2, 2021 at 12:36 pm

    Hi everyone, I have made a 3 point plan which is about the relaxation challenge but includes broader Fiat/leap.

    1) 10 mins everyday with bare feet on the earth taking time to connect and be on the Earth

    2) x3 times a week go into Nature for min of 2 hours. Mostly for stillness of being rather than hefty hiking! Sit silently, allow silence and space, observe inner and outer. No phone no books. Yes to binoculars.

    3) x 5 days a week yoga/ activation/ relaxation at least half hour .

    Keep a log.

    So its day 2 and guess what… I am doing SOOO well! Let’s see what happens by this time next month. Am optimistic but forgiving. 😊

    Hope you are all doing brilliantly at caring for your amazing selves. Hugs.