The world is going through a tectonic shift, a huge awakening of consciousness. Do you feel called to contribute to that? We help you go from crisis to calling in three clear steps so you can have the positive impact you dream of in the world.

Are you a quantum seeker? A quantum seeker is a visionary, a luminary who is leading from the emerging future, who feels called to have an even bigger impact in the world at this historic time and who knows that is possible once they have mastered co-creating in the quantum realm. We help you learn how to Co-Create! in the quantum realm through our signature system, The Quantum Quest, our quantum version of the Hero or Heroine’s Journey.

The Quantum Quest involves three clear steps:

  • Hearing the Call, clarifying what you are feeling called to right now
  • The Inner Journey, to step into the quantum realm, through practices and meditations 
  • The Quantum Leap into the work that is YOURS to do, by designing and taking action on a pilot or prototype of the work.

Undertaking The Quantum Quest enables you to create the quantum impact you dream of easily and effortlessly. We live in a quantum realm of unlimited possibilities – all we need to do is learn how to tap into that and work with it. This in itself is visionary work, leading from the emerging future of quantum physics.

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We help you go from crisis to calling to have the impact you dream of in the world

'Before I met Catherine, I was just about making my way out of an all-consuming, utterly disorientating dark night experience that completely dismantled the life I had built for myself. I was really struggling to rebuild my life practically and come to terms with what I had been through.

Catherine was an enormously stabilising presence for me. She gently guided me through the process of rediscovering those roots in myself that I needed to direct my life in line with my spiritual orientation.

I cannot overstate how illuminating and empowering her help has been and the effects it has had on my day to day living. I now feel like I am in touch with a sense of direction and vision that is both nourished by and is itself nourishing my mystical sense of meaning. Also, as a bonus, my practical life is in much better shape! It was invaluable help that I am grateful to have found in today’s world.’

Yago Soto