From Crisis to Calling


From Crisis to Calling

The world is going through a tectonic shift, a huge awakening of consciousness. Do you feel called to contribute to that? We help you go from crisis to calling in three clear steps so you can have the positive impact you dream of in the world.

Are you a quantum seeker? A quantum seeker is a visionary, a luminary who is leading from the emerging future, who feels called to have an even bigger impact in the world at this historic time and who knows that is possible once they have mastered co-creating in the quantum realm. We help you learn how to Co-Create! in the quantum realm through our signature system, The Quantum Quest, our quantum version of the Hero or Heroine’s Journey.

The Quantum Quest involves three clear steps:

  • Hearing the Call, clarifying what you are feeling called to right now
  • The Inner Journey, to step into the quantum realm, through practices and meditations 
  • The Quantum Leap into the work that is YOURS to do, by designing and taking action on a pilot or prototype of the work.

Undertaking The Quantum Quest enables you to create the quantum impact you dream of easily and effortlessly. We live in a quantum realm of unlimited possibilities – all we need to do is learn how to tap into that and work with it. This in itself is visionary work, leading from the emerging future of quantum physics.

Every crisis holds the potential for transformation, healing and the awakening of consciousness. The corona crisis is no different – we can use it to take a quantum leap forward for ourselves, our communities and our planet. This is a ‘liquid’ moment when anything is possible. We have the opportunity for  deep, rapid change, transforming crisis into new possibilities. Catherine will guide you through three key stages of this process.

At a Glance

This is a three-month online journey working with transforming crisis:
  • Hearing the Call – what is calling you right now?
  • The Inner Journey – practices for drawing towards us our desired future
  • The Leap – going back out into the world

You Will Discover

  • A clear picture of what wants to be born in you at this mythic time of death and rebirth
  • Co-creating practices to help you shift into the quantum realm
  • How to design a prototype, a simple action step that will help you actively engage with your calling

By applying the model of the Hero’s Journey to the coronavirus pandemic, we will examine the opportunities for transforming crisis and embracing change and awakening, even in the face of great uncertainty. When all is stripped away, the Hero hears the Call to Adventure and typically sets off alone on a quest. Meanwhile, with this pandemic, we have experienced this collectively. Suddenly everything familiar has gone – work, school, leisure activities, even getting together with family and friends.

What is the call and what is the reward?

We will ask a key question: how do we fulfil the potential that this crisis – this Call to Adventure – presents?  How does it affect us as individuals, as well as our communities and our planet? What fears do we have to work through as we approach the Innermost Cave? Will we get to meet our inner Mentor and what guidance might we receive?

What will be the Reward we bring back into our world?

Along the journey, we will combine journaling, sharing and practices. Catherine will share how she consciously co-creates with the universe every single day. In addition she will bring to light visionary material revealed to her about this momentous period. We will  work as one group and in smaller groups and pairs using break-out rooms in Zoom. Everyone is encouraged if at all possible, to have their camera on so that we can see everyone. We may also get up and do some movement or dancing, or go outside at times.

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