Support Sessions with Catherine

'Before I met Catherine, I was just about making my way out of an all-consuming, utterly disorientating dark night experience that completely dismantled the life I had built for myself. I was really struggling to rebuild my life practically and come to terms with what I had been through.

Catherine was an enormously stabilising presence for me. She gently guided me through the process of rediscovering those roots in myself that I needed to direct my life in line with my spiritual orientation.

I cannot overstate how illuminating and empowering her help has been and the effects it has had on my day to day living. I now feel like I am in touch with a sense of direction and vision that is both nourished by and is itself nourishing my mystical sense of meaning. Also, as a bonus, my practical life is in much better shape! It was invaluable help that I am grateful to have found in today’s world.’

Yago Soto

I began my work with Catherine in full crisis mode. My life had completely unravelled and I had some big decisions to make.

Through my work with Catherine I was able to move through issues, let go, and make the decisions that needed to be made to follow through with bringing my new life into being. I am so grateful for the care and compassion Catherine showed as she supported and nurtured me through the process.

Having connection with someone who understands the process at such a deep level has been an invaluable gift to me. I gladly recommend Catherine to anyone who is seeking support during deeply transformative times.

Heidi McCardell-Wentworth

Shamanic Energy Medicine Practitioner @ Inanna's Labyrinth

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