The Quantum Leader Masterclass

The Quantum Leader Masterclass

Step into quantum leadership to create the income and positive
impact you want in your work or your community.

4-6.30pm UK, 9-11.30am Pacific

Catherine G Lucas has been using quantum leadership for over 15 years to shape her results. In this radical Masterclass she will guide you in how to apply it to your context.

We will explore the relationship between quantum science and leadership, as well as how to combine a more metaphysical approach, based on that science, with practical action steps.

Two of the 12 fundamental principles of quantum leadership are the ability to reframe and the positive use of adversity. If the pandemic, or some other crisis, has impacted on your organisation, your business or your life, we will see how both of these qualities come into play.  They help us reframe crisis as opportunity and so harness the transformational power of crisis, which is Catherine’s particular area of expertise.

You will leave this Masterclass with:

  • An understanding of the key qualities of quantum leadership and what they look like in your specific context.
  • A three-phase process to create the results you want and a clear sense of which phase you most need to focus on right now
  • Three clear action steps to help move you forward and lead from the emerging future.
‘It was absolutely amazing! I witnessed each person in my breakout room experience a visible and profound shift within just minutes.’

The Masterclass includes a one-to-one follow up session to dive deeper into what comes out of the group session for you. It’s an opportunity for you to get more support around whichever of the three key phases you most need to focus on right now.

You’ll be able to select a time that is convenient for you from Catherine’s online calendar. If you would like, at the end of the one-to-one session, there will also be an opportunity to hear about further support Catherine can offer you.

Who is This For?

  • You’re interested in how quantum leadership could help you move forward
  • You want to learn how to combine a more metaphysical approach, based on quantum science, with concrete action steps
  • You need different results for your organisation or business from the ones you’ve been getting
  • Your organisation or business has been adversely impacted by the pandemic, or some other crisis, and you need to rethink your priorities or reframe your mission
  • You have a sense that there is an opportunity in the crisis your organisation or business has been through but need some guidance, support and tools to harness that.
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